TALK about ” THE NUDE” 11/13/12 York Public Library in Maine.

9 Responses to “TALK about ” THE NUDE” 11/13/12 York Public Library in Maine.”

  1. Jacoba Remick Goldman Says:

    Thank you, Adeline, for your wonderful talk. We all have bodies. As long as the nude is rejected in exhibits and public galleries the body will be seen as “dirty” “pornographic” “morally offensive”. I admire your courage to bring this to the forefront and hope that it will help bring some sensible and necessary adjustments to the current policies in our community.

  2. Chris Kent Says:

    What of parents that pay for a library, and want to be sure that when they go there with their children to see art, it includes nudes? What if it is important to them that an art show be uncensored? What if they are further motivated that the communities they live in not become retrograde with respect to viewing classic art forms?

  3. Tony Fiore Says:

    A very interesting and enjoyable presentation and discussion.
    It would have been nice to see some of the paintings being panned at the end of the video.

  4. Kathy Tessimond Says:

    Adeline, I’m very proud to be one of your friends and former students. This topic needs to be addressed in our country. The nude is a beautiful thing and certainly not pornography. As a high school art teacher I hear my students’ distorted reactions to the nude. It’s time for our society to grow up! Thank-you my friend.

  5. annie Urbach Says:

    BRAVO BRAVO. ma soeurette, je suis très très fière de toi, et si seulement nos parents avaient pu voir et entendre……….. tu t’es très bien sortie de cet interview , qui ne devait pas être facile compte tenu. du sujet encore tabou aux états unis. en tout cas félicitations. nous t’embrassons tres fort Michel et moi

  6. Maxine Mintz Pottier Says:

    Great presentation and good points. It prompted me to think of another subject… “what is art” and “who decides this”.
    This too has a vast history and an impact on which art gets viewed by a larger audience, including the nudes.
    I hope all venues value good art,which can include or not include male and female nudes. If an artist’s work is deemed of value;the artist’s choice of subject should be displayed.

  7. JoshB Says:

    Bravo, well done Adeline! I was thinking about the dynamic of the “anything but” request from the museum and I concluded that perhaps the public library is not as much a venue for the arts but rather a book lender with a need for some pretty things (that won’t offend!) on their walls. It is gracious of them to invite you to hang some works there. But I really hope you get a good show of your “anything ANYTHING!” work soon! -JB

  8. Adrienne Says:

    You make interesting points and raise important questions that people are afraid to address. I was raised in a home with classic and modern art everywhere, including but not limited to landscapes, seascapes, rivers, flowers AND nudes. I was taught to respect the body, personally and in art, not fear it. Taught to find the curves of a stream or a woman, the strength of the mast of a ship or the ocean waves in a storm or the shoulders of a man to be beautiful! America needs to grow up and rely on educating children not hiding them. Shut off the media and the pornography and TALK to them. If enough of us are talking loud enough about this maybe we can effect some sort of change this century?

  9. Anna Koriath Says:

    So proud of you! You certainly inspired a lively debate. Watched it a couple of times, you were so cute :O) I hope, as one of the last guys said, that the library changes their mind. Wouldn’t that be exciting, you really got a ball rolling here!
    Absolutel, I agree with Josh, ANYTHING ANYTHING!

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