Maine College of Art: Winter 2019

CDR 112-W19 | Intermediate Drawing
WED, 4/16 – 4/3 , 9AM – 12PM, ROOM: D-2
This course is a continuation of the concepts and techniques covered in Beginning Drawing. At the heart of this course the making of a ‰”composed drawing” relating all the fundamental elements , line, space, form, rhythm, light, design, mark making . Drawing the figure will also be introduced. (beginning drawing required)
CDR 115-W19 | Tonal Figure Drawing
WED, 1/16 – 4/3  6PM-9PM, ROOM: D-2
This class is for anyone interested in learning how to create “tonal” figure drawings. This course is also essential to anyone who aspires to or already paints the figure. Each student has a chance to make  tonal drawings that stand on their own. Line, form, tone, rhythm and content becomes important. Head, hand, heart and eye are all involved! Pre-requisite: beginner drawing course.
CPT 105-W19 | Painting from Observation
WED, 1/16 – 4/3 , 1-4PM, ROOM: 402
In this course, discover how painting from observation and abstract ideas of pictorial organization open up opportunities for the making of a strong composition. During these 12 weeks we will explore the still- life, the portrait, the figure and the landscape . Open to Oils, Acrylics and/or Pastels. (beginning drawing and intro to painting required)