Travel to Paris, France with Adeline. Visit Museums, Galleries, Giverny and Versailles

May 1-8, 2019 (1 week)
Registration Deadline is January 31, 2019

Inspiring artists with this memorable travel/workshop since 2012.

$2,975* includes:

  • Round trip ticket from Boston
  • Flight insurance (If you can use your frequent flyer miles, deduct $700)
  • Lodging for a week in the heart of Paris
  • All museum entry fees and all transportation
  • Moi as your guide
  • Limited to 8 participants

“ This was a wonderful, marvelous, fabulous adventure . Art. Architecture. Food. Camaraderie. It was well organized and carried out  even with some unexpected glitches. Adeline was able to adapt and be resilient  and keep things together and flowing along. I d go again tomorrow!”
—Ms. J. Marsh, ME.

“What a memorable trip! It was well organized so that we saw a great deal of art in the most famous museums of Paris. Adeline has impressive knowledge of art history  and shares it readily. I learned a great deal. It was also so much fun, I am doing it again!”
—Ms. M. A. Eldred, NH