Figure Drawing Marathon January 2020

Sat. Jan 4th – Sun. Jan 5th, 2020    

9AM to 4PM

Adeline’s Studio in Eliot, Maine
All Levels—Any Drawing Medium and/or Pastels. $300 includes my instruction, 2 models, and 2 organic lunches.
“Adeline’s ‘Drawing Marathons’ are an amazing opportunity to explore the human form. Her knowledge of anatomy is remarkable. They are my favorite events of each of the past 10 years with Adeline!”
— Ms. S. Pelech, NH
“Adeline’s uniquely passionate approach to teaching has inspired and instilled a passion in me and ignited enthusiasm towards remarkable growth that keeps us coming back for more!”
— A.W. Marks, ME
“At any level you will learn, have fun, be inspired and pleasantly challenged.”
—Mr. A. Fiore, NH