Maine College of Art: FALL 2019

CDR 112-F19 | Intermediate Drawing 1 +2 

WED 9am-noon , 9/18 – 12/4 , ROOM D1

This course is a continuation of the concepts and techniques covered in Beginning Drawing. At the heart of this course the making of a ‰”composed drawing” relating all the fundamental elements , line, space, form, rhythm, light, design, mark making . Drawing the figure will also be introduced. (beginning drawing required)


WED 1-4PM, 9/18 – 12/4  , ROOM 402

By means of Collage we will play with shapes and colors using observation and imagination to arrange them into compositions. These will be abstracted and will inform us how to better comprehend the relationships between colors and forms. Then we will rework, alter and re-invent these compositions using paint (oils and or acrylics are welcome). Pre requisite: basic painting.